Can’t miss casinos in Oceania

The Crown in Melbourne is one of the best casinos in Oceania ... photo by CC user Jamesbehave on

Heading to the Pacific part of the world on holiday, and looking for an experience you won’t ever be able to forget? These can’t miss casinos in Oceania will deliver on your need for thrills on your vacation there.

Read on below for more details on our favorite spots…

1) Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia

In Australia, gaming culture is well-entrenched, as a common folk tale here states that if there are two flies crawling up a wall, there will be two blokes willing to lay money down on the outcome, and a bookie to take their bets.

As such, there are a number of outstanding casinos located throughout the Land Down Under, but none are quite as spectacular as the Crown Casino in Melbourne. Located on the banks of the Yarra River, Melbourne’s branch of the Crown ranks as the largest gaming facility in the Southern Hemisphere, and among the largest in the world.

Home to 500 table games, 2,500 pokie machines, and the Aussie Millions, which is the Southern Hemisphere’s most prestigious poker tournament series, the Crown has a game that will be to your liking, so don’t miss it during your travels in Australia.

2) SkyCity, Auckland, New Zealand

Aussies aren’t the only ones in the Southern Hemisphere that has a hankering for gaming on a regular basis. Kiwis often pass their free time when they aren’t enjoying their country’s beautiful outdoor spaces by dropping into their local casino in search of a lucky payday.

The best of these facilities in New Zealand is SkyCity in Auckland. In the capital city’s franchise of SkyCity, players will find plenty of games like blackjack and roulette upon which to place their bets; if you find yourself a little rusty with regards to how these games work, be sure to get up to speed by playing some online variants before hand at sites like

That way, you’ll stroll into the casino confident in the actions that you will undertake.

3) Grand Hotel And Casino, Port Vila, Vanuatu

While the isle of Vanuatu tends to offer more rustic accommodation that one might expect for such a beautiful South Pacific paradise, the Grand Hotel and Casino in its capital of Port Vila offers a fully modern reprieve from the lower standards found elsewhere.

With a variety of gaming machines and table games, you’ll have a chance to try and run up what gaming money you have, but the real winner here is the food. With an executive chef with years of experience manning the kitchen of the on-site restaurant, you won’t ever be left wanting more when you sit down to dinner here.

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