How to Save Money on Flight Accommodation – A Comprehensive Guide

Flights and accommodation are the two most significant travel expenses. So, saving money on these is essential before you go on a trip.

One of the best ways to do this is by being flexible with your travel dates. For example, departing on Wednesday instead of Friday can save you money.

Look for deals

There are a few ways to find deals when booking flight accommodation. One way is to use online tools that track prices for you. 

These apps can help you save money by alerting you when prices drop or increase. They can also recommend cheap dates and airports.

Booking a holiday package is another approach to uncover bargains. It may be more straightforward and quicker than booking flights and hotels independently. Many websites like Expedia offer deals that include both flights and hotels.

Book early

Flight prices fluctuate based on demand, and flights are usually more expensive on weekends. You can save hundreds on airfare if you are flexible with your travel dates.

Experts recommend booking domestic flights about one to four months in advance and international flights about three to eight months in advance. You can also monitor prices by following apps and websites that track airfares. Be ready to jump on a deal when it appears, as tickets sell out quickly. Consider changing your flight plan if you see a better price.

Look for last-minute deals

Many families, teachers, and everyday workers have limited vacation days. You can save on airfare if you’re more flexible with your travel dates.

For example, departing on a Tuesday instead of a Friday can save you $35 per ticket. Flight prices are also lowest when you search multiple airports.

You can save even more by booking one-way flights rather than roundtrip tickets. 

Look for special offers

One of the best ways to save money on flights is to be flexible. For example, flying during the week is often cheaper than on the weekend because many people travel then, and airlines hike prices. Google Flights offers a calendar view to find cheaper travel dates, especially after holidays or around significant events like sports tournaments. And feel free to consider flights with long layovers. These can sometimes be cheaper than direct flights.

Book a room with a kitchen

Eating out is one of the most significant expenses, so a kitchen can help you stretch your travel budget. Many hotels offer rooms with kitchens, including extended stay hotels, though they can be pricier than standard room types.

Having elite status or booking through a co-branded credit card can make these rooms cheaper, so ask the front desk about package rates and member discounts before committing to an online reservation. You can also ask about upgrades, which can be a great way to save money on your hotel costs while still getting a quality room.

Book a room with a pool

Hotel prices change all the time, and being flexible is essential. Try booking directly with the hotel instead of using sites that aggregate vacation packages. By avoiding booking sites, you can save money by not paying commissions, and a growing number of hotels are now providing a lowest-price guarantee. It also puts you first in line for room upgrades and other perks. Plus, it keeps more money in the hotel’s pocket, which can be helpful during difficult times.

The most considerable expense in most travel is the flight, so it’s crucial to save wherever possible. These tips will help you do just that.

Book a room with a spa

Booking your flight and hotel separately can be much cheaper than booking everything together as a package. However, booking flights and hotels separately can be more complex and time-consuming.

One way to save money on your hotel is to book a room with a spa. It allows you to relax and unwind during your stay. Just be sure to check the dress code for the spa, as some may require robes and slippers during certain times of the day. Also, be sure to book directly with the hotel.

Book a room with a balcony

Adding a balcony to your cabin is a great way to save money on flight accommodations, especially if you’re traveling solo. The extra cost of the balcony cabin can be offset by saving on the single supplement (the fee that’s tacked onto the price of a non-balcony stateroom if there aren’t two people staying in it). Plus, the balcony gives you a quiet outdoor space to relax and unwind on your trip. *Airlines often offer cheaper fares that require a Saturday night stay.

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Top Castles in Northern Ireland

A sweet escape to the awe-inspiring haven of Ireland wouldn’t be completely fulfilling if you don’t get to see the top castles to visit in Northern Ireland. The castles in North Ireland were built around 800 years ago as medieval fortresses. But others are just modern homes or mansions which were patterned to the old castles. The greatest castles however were built by Normans who conquered England and Wales, and went to Ireland in 1169 to colonize the island as well. It has been said that “The greatest castles were the work of the ever-ambitious Normans”.

Castle exterior

One of the most significant Norman-built castles in the entire Ireland is the Carrickfergus Castle. Built in the mid 1170’s, Carrickfergus is widely-considered as the most impressive among the castles in Ireland. It is remarkable because it represented the Normans’ military strength during the Iron Age. The castle was strategically built in a defensive location, used to be surrounded by the sea, and overlooks Belfast Lough on the east. The castle is marvellously constructed from rough-hewn stone and its structure is exceptional even to contemporary standards. Despite its fearsome look, this castle is not really gigantic to explore. It was besieged several times and was used to be a penitentiary over the centuries. Today, functions to accommodate tourists who enjoy the glimpse of medieval ambience with all the embellished waxworks of the castle.

Another remarkable castle in North Ireland is Dunluce castle. It was built on basalt crag surrounded by wild waves of the sea. And from afar, it looks as if it peeks from below the sea on the edges of the crag which makes a spectacular sight. To get to the castle you have to cross a bridge from the mainland cafe and coffee shop. It’s like the castle is from another era and space or isolated from real world, and it would be almost impossible to intrude from the sea to where it stands. The castle evidently manifests Iron Age strategic stronghold and protection before the times of the Vikings. Today, Dunluce castle remains under the protection of Northern Irish Ministry for the Environment. It is considered to be the most visited among the castles in North Ireland and is open the entire year with an entrance fee that is modestly charged.

Dunseverick Castle is also another noteworthy castle to consider exploring. It has a rich heritage to tell that is why it belongs in the category of top castles in Northern Ireland.  Although there’s nothing much to see on the castle because its remnants have almost completely vanished, the castle’s remaining stone walls create a romantic scenery with flocks of sheep grazing on green grasses overlooking the blue sea down the cliff. Founded well before Normans arrived in Ireland, Dunseverick Castle was the site of the fort during Iron Age. In 500 AD, it was allegedly visited by St. Patrick, it was attacked by Vikings in 900 AD, it was fortified by Normans after they invaded the island, it was held by McCain family in around 1600 who further strengthened the site, and finally destroyed by Cromwellian campaign from England in 1642 when they conquered Ireland. Today, it’s a common stopping point for tourists who travel along Causeway Coast of County Antrim and you don’t even need formal visiting arrangements nor do you have to pay entrance fees to visit the ruins of the castle.