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Traveling isn’t the cheapest thing to do in your spare time, we all know that much. That’s what partly makes it so special, it’s not something you can do all the time. But, what if by chance it could be a little less financially burdensome? We’ve got a great tip for you all on Top Travel Spots.org today which will save you a ton next time you decide to get away for a while.

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travelocity coupons for saving on travel

Raising money for charity with a difference!

The great thing about raising money for charity is that there are so many different ways in which you can do it. While lots of people choose to run marathons or organise events within their community, there’s no reason why you can’t do something more adventurous.

To get you in the mood we’ve come up with a few suggestions to get your fundraising efforts started.

sky diving


If you’re something of a thrill seeker and want to channel that energy into your charity effort then skydiving is the option for you. What’s great about it is that you can hurl yourself out of a plane with a parachute strapped to your back in so many places around the world.

So, you can combine raising money for a good cause with a bit of travelling if you’d like to. Among the best places in the world to skydive are Hawaii – where you can see entire islands from the air – Switzerland, where you have views of lakes and mountains as you fall, and Sydney, where you’ll soar over the city and its nearby beaches.

Arctic expedition

For an adventurous fundraising activity you can go on a longer expedition to one of the most extreme environments on the planet – the Arctic. Trekking across the frozen tundra in search of polar bears and Arctic foxes is a fantastic adventure to go on and will be made all the more enjoyable if you’re raising money for charity at the same time.

You could even incorporate a crazy activity into your trip to the Arctic – such as a brief dip in the freezing polar waters to boost the amount your friends and family are willing to donate to your chosen cause.

If this interests you, check out the various Arctic tours available here for some further inspiration.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest walkable peak in the world and it’s a great endurance activity if you’re not up for running a marathon but still want to undertake a physically demanding challenge for your chosen charity.

You’ll need to put in a fair amount of preparation for this climb, which will give you plenty of opportunities to raise awareness of your fundraising endeavour and possibly to even raise a little more money by undertaking smaller challenges before the main event.

From a purely personal point of view, climbing Kilimanjaro is a truly memorable experience, as the landscapes on the mountain’s slopes are particularly striking and the views from Uhuru Peak are truly breathtaking.

The practicalities of charity fundraising

Regardless of how you decide to raise money for your chosen good cause, it’s important to generate plenty of awareness about your endeavour. Spread the word among your friends, family and colleagues, and host events to boost your funds before you head off on whatever adventure you’ve decided is right for you.

Make the most of social media to tell as many people as possible about what you’re going to be doing and why. The why is especially important, as this will be what encourages everyone to give generously to your cause.

There are a host of ways in which you can raise money for charity, so you can choose something that appeals to you and, most importantly, that you believe you can achieve. While it’s great to set your sights high, you need to make sure you can complete the challenge if you want everyone to donate.

The 5 Best Hotel Pools in Dubai!

As the Arab emirate state of Dubai has advanced over the past decades, so have the swimming pools available to tourists. Often times, no expense has been spared to literally take the edge off the desert heat which maintains temperatures in excess of 100° F on a daily basis. Travelers looking to enjoy the pleasures of this nation will miss out on a great experience if a hotel is not chosen for the quality of its swimming pool. That’s not to say this is the only factor in choosing a hotel, but the extravagance of the pool should be an important consideration. Here are the top five best hotel pools in Dubai:

 License     Copyright All rights reserved by 1. The One & Only Royal Mirage, +971 43999999, www.oneandonlyresorts.com. Those looking for the best opulence in a pool will book a stay at the One & Only Royal Mirage Hotel. The pool contains a rich landscape of greenery, stunning Arabian architecture, and fountains. The architectural feat of engineering that is Palm Island Bay is visible from the pool area.

2. Madinat Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, +971 4368888, www.jumeirah.com. The hotel with the name meaning “Harbor of Peace” lives up to its name. Guests will swim in an elevated pool across sun terraces inside the Grand Boutique Hotel. Rekindle your romance against the skyline of the Arabian Gulf and let the water & ambiance work their magic in your senses. Solitary road warriors looking to reconstitute themselves will enjoy the pool as well. There is a pool just for children so that the experience is appropriate for families. The pool is staffed with a qualified lifeguard and drinks & light meals can be brought poolside allowing for extended stays in the pool area.

3. Jumeirah Beach Hotel, +971 43480000, www.jumeirah.com. The outdoor pool at Jumeirah Beach Hotel is definitely one of the best hotel pools in Dubai because of its proximity to Jumeirah Beach’s white sands. The pool, replete with a tropical landscape amid miniature islands & palm trees, creates the epitome of an oasis. The pool’s edge follows a curved line for a highly aesthetic look. This hotel also has the poolside amenities of drinks and light meals. There are also four other pools at this hotel and a very short trip to the beach for water sports. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a fantastic choice for the ultimate Dubai holiday.

4. Burj Al Arab, +971 43017777, www.jumeirah.com. When it comes to opulence and splendor, guests will get exactly what they pay for at Burj Al Arab. Besides the hotel’s interior luxury, guests will travel back to a heated pool version of aquatic recreation which the ancient Middle East offered its royalty. Towering mosaic decorated columns light up the pool area.

5. Intercontinental Hotel, ‎1-866-539-0036‎, http://www.ihg.com. Rounding out the list of the top five best hotel pools in Dubai is the Intercontinental Hotel. Located just five minutes from the airport, the hotel provides a quiet escape for patrons. When cooling off in the 25 meter long temperature controlled pool, guests will be able to take in the Dubai skyline from within the pool’s waters. This is because the pool is what is known as a hanging pool whose transparent plexiglass section allows swimmers to go past the edge of the hotel building and overlook the street below as well as enjoy the skyline. Unlike other hanging pools, the Intercontinental Hotel’s is curved allowing for a much easier swim to the edge and wider angle views. It is considered by some to be the best hanging pool in the world. If you want to visit Dubai, make sure to sort out a visa first if you are required to have one. You can apply for Dubai Tourist visa online before going to save yourself some trouble.

Top Reasons To Visit Cabo San Lucas

It may not be Cancun, but the top reasons to visit Cabo San Lucas will surely leave you wanting to spend your spring break, honeymoon, or family holidays in this laid back paradise.  Located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is best known for its iconic El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, a distinctive rock formation found at the very tip of the city.  In addition, this holiday destination is a great place to go whale watching, scuba diving or maybe lounging by the beach.

Here are some of the top reasons to visit Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo, Mexico

Winter?  What winter?  One of the top reasons to visit Cabo San Lucas is its perpetually sunny weather.  Here, you get 365 days of summer.  Now if you’re looking forward to warming your toes in winter, then burying them on the warm sands of Cabo San Lucas may be the most perfect solution.

Romantic getaway.  Honeymooners will get the best week of their lives walking on the fine, golden sands of Cabo San Lucas’s beaches, Admiring the beach scenery from the comforts of their own rented luxury villa, or watching the sun set at the El Arco de Cabo San Lucas.  Eitherway, the sun, sea, surf (and probably the tequila body shots) will leave you and your significant other smiling and glowing when you come back to the real world.

Under the sea.  Cabo San Lucas is one of the best diving destinations in the world, with its long stretches of coral reefs and hiding places of some of the world’s most exotic marine life.  You can approach your hotel front desk to make arrangements for your scuba diving sessions with a qualified guide or instructor.

If scuba diving scares you,  you can always opt for snorkelling.

Nightlife.  Come night time and the city of Cabo de San Lucas comes alive with pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars filling in with locals and gringos alike.  If you are a big rock fan, the Cabo Wabo Cantina is the best place to go especially on October 13 when the owner (none other than rock musician Sammy Hagar of Van Halen) celebrates his birthday and performs with his band, the Wabos.  The show often include famous guests from the music scene.

Top Castles in Northern Ireland

A sweet escape to the awe-inspiring haven of Ireland wouldn’t be completely fulfilling if you don’t get to see the top castles to visit in Northern Ireland. The castles in North Ireland were built around 800 years ago as medieval fortresses. But others are just modern homes or mansions which were patterned to the old castles. The greatest castles however were built by Normans who conquered England and Wales, and went to Ireland in 1169 to colonize the island as well. It has been said that “The greatest castles were the work of the ever-ambitious Normans”.

Castle exterior

One of the most significant Norman-built castles in the entire Ireland is the Carrickfergus Castle. Built in the mid 1170’s, Carrickfergus is widely-considered as the most impressive among the castles in Ireland. It is remarkable because it represented the Normans’ military strength during the Iron Age. The castle was strategically built in a defensive location, used to be surrounded by the sea, and overlooks Belfast Lough on the east. The castle is marvellously constructed from rough-hewn stone and its structure is exceptional even to contemporary standards. Despite its fearsome look, this castle is not really gigantic to explore. It was besieged several times and was used to be a penitentiary over the centuries. Today, functions to accommodate tourists who enjoy the glimpse of medieval ambience with all the embellished waxworks of the castle.

Another remarkable castle in North Ireland is Dunluce castle. It was built on basalt crag surrounded by wild waves of the sea. And from afar, it looks as if it peeks from below the sea on the edges of the crag which makes a spectacular sight. To get to the castle you have to cross a bridge from the mainland cafe and coffee shop. It’s like the castle is from another era and space or isolated from real world, and it would be almost impossible to intrude from the sea to where it stands. The castle evidently manifests Iron Age strategic stronghold and protection before the times of the Vikings. Today, Dunluce castle remains under the protection of Northern Irish Ministry for the Environment. It is considered to be the most visited among the castles in North Ireland and is open the entire year with an entrance fee that is modestly charged.

Dunseverick Castle is also another noteworthy castle to consider exploring. It has a rich heritage to tell that is why it belongs in the category of top castles in Northern Ireland.  Although there’s nothing much to see on the castle because its remnants have almost completely vanished, the castle’s remaining stone walls create a romantic scenery with flocks of sheep grazing on green grasses overlooking the blue sea down the cliff. Founded well before Normans arrived in Ireland, Dunseverick Castle was the site of the fort during Iron Age. In 500 AD, it was allegedly visited by St. Patrick, it was attacked by Vikings in 900 AD, it was fortified by Normans after they invaded the island, it was held by McCain family in around 1600 who further strengthened the site, and finally destroyed by Cromwellian campaign from England in 1642 when they conquered Ireland. Today, it’s a common stopping point for tourists who travel along Causeway Coast of County Antrim and you don’t even need formal visiting arrangements nor do you have to pay entrance fees to visit the ruins of the castle.

Top Tourist Attractions In American Samoa

The top tourist attractions in Samoa are easy to reach since American Samoa is relatively small compared to its independent Western counterpart. Since it was an annexed territory similar to Hawaii, the land is also highly developed as a chief American tourist capital. American Samoa is also an excellent alternative to the highly advertised Hawaii or the hardly popular destination of Guam. One can safely say that American Samoa is also a jewel territory of the United States in the Pacific region, and one definitely worth traveling to.

scenery in American Samoa

1. Pago Pago
Our tourist begins his or her excursion usually in a place where all vacations start – in the capital region. Pago Pago is one of the top tourist attractions in Samoa and for a capital region there is not too much urban density. It is clear how the US government is keen about preserving the dominance of greenery in the city despite the presence of civilization. In fact, there are strict guidelines as to the height of the buildings so there clearly is no danger of undermining the natural environment with its development schemes. Our tourist now starts to shop for groceries in the market plazas.

2. American Samoa National Park
It is not very hard for most tourists to question how this remote archipelago became an unincorporated territory of the United States of America. One of the best places to satisfy their curiosity is to start their history lesson in American Samoa National Park. This landmark is also considered a tourist or visitor information center. It is always best to stop by in this place before deciding to head out to other islands. Our adventurous tourist, contemplating on visiting neighboring atolls, decides to learn every piece of valuable information needed. Cruising may take days and it is always important to find a place to crash to enjoy the island-hopping trip.

3. Tula
Tula is one of the top tourist attractions in Samoa for those people who are eager to meet native islanders. Our tourist is very excited to meet the distant relatives of his or her favorite Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson (the Rock). Traditional Samoan people are very interesting, since they are known for being very conservative. They can be easily put off with women wearing short shorts, so it is always best to dress decently.

4. Aunu’u Island
If one should look for places that have a deep and strong connection with nature, the Aunu’u Island is a perfect location to visit. One of the fascinating natural landmarks in this atoll is the famous red quick sands around Pala Lake. Our tourist has enjoyed his stay with the natives and he heard about an ideal location to take pictures of sea, where waves slap the rocks of Ma’ama’a Cove.

Top Destinations In Croatia

The top destinations in Croatia are often overshadowed by its more popular neighbor, Italy.  But this is very good for one main reason:  less popular, less touristy.  With its temperate climate, breathtaking landscapes and the sheer number of fantastic things to see, Croatia is one, underrated tourist destination in Europe that’s worth adding to your bucket list.

travel to Croatia

Here are some of the top destinations in Croatia:

Plitvice Lakes.  Considered one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the continent, the Plitvice Lakes are one of the must-see destinations in Croatia.  This group of interlinked lakes within a large, protected forest are known for their different colored waters, ranging from azure to grey.  The surrounding forests are abundant in unique animal and plant life.  Meet some of the area’s famous residents, such as the European Brown Bear, Lynx and Eagles, or go bird watching as the area around the lakes are home to a great variety of bird species.

Hvar.  From olive groves to a picturesque yacht port, Hvar Island is in itself, is a romantic destination not to miss.  Tour around the island, and see the olive groves, the lavender fields and the fruit orchards which make up the dreamy agricultural landscape of the island’s interior, and enjoy an evening stroll along Hvar Town’s yacht port and the surrounding pedestrian-only roads.  The old villages also add charm to the island and they’re all worth a visit.

Dubrovnik.  Also called Ragusa, this city in the Adriatic Sea is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the country.  The walled city is known to be the only city-state to rival Venice when it comes to a remarkable development during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Historical infrastructures, from churches to fountains dot the cityscape of Dubrovnik.  The beaches, too, are absolutely exquisite.  The city beach, Banje is a child-friendly destination in Dubrovnik, where they could have fun on the sandy or sometimes pebbly beach, or the clear Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is also famous these days as it is the set for Game of Thrones.

The Best Time To Visit Liechtenstein!

Knowing the best time to visit Liechtenstein will help you make your plans ahead when visiting this cool German-speaking country flanked by Switzerland and Austria.  This small, landlocked country enjoys the a high standard of living, despite its size and is home to some of the most breath-taking natural attractions and landscapes in the world.

landscapes in Lichtenstein, by get down

Liechtenstein has a continental climate with cold and cloudy winters with frequent rain and snow and mild summers which are moderately warm to cool.

Knowing the best time to visit Liechtenstein would greatly depend on what you plan to do in the country.

Skiing and winter sports enthusiasts are better off visiting between December and April, during the peak of the winter season.  Christmas is even more spectacular with all of the lights on many of the homes at night.  But when April arrives, most ski resorts will begin to close down as the snow melts to prepare for summer.

But do be warned:  winter time means more people, which translates to higher accommodation costs.  So it’s wise to save up for a ski trip to Liechtenstein early on and book flights and accommodations early to avoid the rush.

Off season may also offer perks to budget-wise travellers.  Off season falls in summer, from April to November and prices of accommodations often drop during this time of the year.  But if you have no plans on skiing or indulging in winter sports, this may be the best time to visit Liechtenstein for you, where you can enjoy touring the capital, Vaduz, and seeing the sites, or indulging in mountain climbing, hiking and trekking.

But still bring a light coat or a light jacket with you.  Summers in Liechtenstein may still be cool thanks to the country’s continental climate.  Other than that, enjoy the balmy weather without having to bother with thick, winter coats and layering on clothes!